WPC Warm Up, August 22, 2016

I have done a fair amount of camping over the years of my life. Sometimes car camping, sometimes backpacking, and each has its blessings. But one of the parts of camping that I love to do at the end of the day is to sit around the campfire and connect with friends and family. The warmth of the fire and the yellow glow is a blessing in many ways. The one thing about fires that I am mindful of is their size. Sometimes you want a big fire, and sometimes you want a small fire depending on the situation. To make a fire you need fuel, heat and oxygen to enjoy its benefits.

In many ways the church is like a fire - we bring light and warmth and a place to connect with others. There are times when our fire grows dim because we have not tended to the fire well. The light and warmth that once were there have diminished because we have not put enough wood on the fire to be a blessing to those who are near the fire but not yet desiring the light, warmth, and fellowship. Our work on Sunday is to remind each other of some key instructions that Paul has given to us that will stoke the fire and give us light and energy to spread the good news.

See you Sunday.


Pastor Steve

Colossians 4:2–6

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