WPC Warm Up, February 23, 2015

In a world that is filled with uncertainty and loss we have become experts at survival. One of our most favored techniques for keeping things together is to wear a mask. Many of us are quite adept at putting on the right mask. Perhaps it is a mask that says, "I'm alright" or the "I am successful" mask, or one that says "I have great wisdom". We tend to use these exterior faces to hold people and even God at a distance. But what happens when the masks start to crack with the wear and tear of life? What happens when the loneliness of not being known makes the mask feel like we are wearing a massive knight's helmet for a desert march? Jesus stands before us beckoning for us to come to him. He offers his care to us in a way that shifts our perspective and enables us to take off the mask. When we consider Jesus' power and love in contrast to the negative trajectory of our hidden and self-sufficient ways, we are encouraged. But the question remains, are we willing to let go and rest in the arms of the savior?

James Puleo

WPC Director of Student Ministries

Westminster Presbyterian Church
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