WPC Warm Up, August 24, 2015

Jesus used every means imaginable to get you and me to remember the future God has in Mind for us all. His single favorite subject was the coming of the "kingdom of God". This is His reign and rule, which He tells us is already at work among us like a "divine conspiracy". His repeated message, "Get ready." How? Read Luke 12:35–40 with me. He tells two quick stories about how to be "dressed for action" and "have your lamps lit". The key is in the state of heart, mind and soul in these two situations. Which best describes your state of heart, mind and soul? Is Jesus the Master returning in great joy to His house (what used to be your house), or is Jesus the Thief who will some day break in and steal your precious possessions? Common to both stories is the assurance that He will come. Jesus is the most joyful being in the universe and He wants to share all of it with you. Trust Him enough to do everything He says and it will be well with your souls.

Pastor Dick Thompson

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