WPC Warm Up, March 23, 2015

Last week I was deposed as a part of a lawsuit where there were lots of questions that got asked all sorts of ways. The attorney sitting next to me helped to distinguish between the good questions and the bad ones because some of them felt a little "tricky"- as if I was being led along. Read Luke 22:66–23:25 with me. This is Jesus' trial. All the questions are bad ones. A bad question is a judo move designed to position for self-protection. It is asked to "throw off" responsibility. I'm fascinated with how Jesus answers these bad questions. He seeks to turn bad questions into good questions by making Pilate and Herod, and the rest of us, responsible for our questions. Why? Because He wants to save us. Holy Week, it turns out, is just as much about us as it is about Jesus. Our deepest good question gets answered on the cross. This Week, take the journey.

Pastor Dick Thompson

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