WPC Warm Up, April 24, 2017

One of the most wonderful passages surrounding Jesus and his resurrection appearances is the passage we have for Sunday from Luke 24. This passage is simply called the "Road to Emmaus." In this passage Luke takes us to a new place of discipleship as two of his trusted leaders walk toward a small town from the center of the Jewish faith on Easter Sunday afternoon. While these disciples are on this road they are trying to process what just happened with their teacher and Lord. So as they are "working out" the possibility of Jesus coming back to life, the Savior himself joins them. But oddly enough the disciples are kept from seeing Jesus as they are walking on the road together. So as we unpack this amazing section of Scripture we will see once again the power of the resurrection for the disciples on the road as well as for the current church.

This will be my last time to preach before the Millers head down to Orange County - thanks for all the good memories.


Pastor Steve

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