WPC Warm Up, January 26, 2015

What if everything you have learned how to do, every skill you've mastered, every insight you've gained about how to do what you do, the Lord wants to "re-cast" for His purposes? I put that in quotes because I'm thinking about one of the great texts on how this happens in Luke 5:1–11. Simon is a skilled fisherman. By the end his career he will "cast" his net for people. But this doesn't happen all at once. He goes through "stages" in his relationship with Jesus Christ. So do we. What is this like? We'll talk about this on Sunday. Two questions will be raised: One is what stage am I working on now? The second is, what's next? What's clear is He has more in Mind for you and me than we have for ourselves. One key, be willing to go to deeper water and cast your nets there. Trust Him.

Pastor Dick Thompson

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