Westminster Presbyterian Church is a gathering place filled with God's Grace helping us become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Guided by Five-Core Values, Westminster Presbyterian Church is a place where each one discovers his or her God-given mission in life and receives what is needed to pursue that mission.

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Worshiping Church
WPC gathers in three worship services each Sunday morning, at 9:00, 10:30 and 5:00. Each service of worship,  though unique in style, offers an invitation to encounter our Lord's risen presence. All services meet in the Sanctuary. Top
Inviting Church
WPC is known in the region of the Conejo Valley for its warmth of welcome to anyone searching for a good place to call "home." Overlapping systems of outreach, invitation, greeting and introduction facilitate a process of assimilating a first-time visitor into active participation. Top
Caring Church
Every member and friend of WPC who has attended for two months or more is a part of a "web of caring." A network of small caring, support, and discipleship groups provide each one a way to build in-depth friendship. An active array of men's, women's, and family ministries provides an easy entry point for new and long-term members ali.e Top
Learning Church
WPC is known in the community for the quality of its classes, seminars, workshops, retreats and small groups for growing Christians of all ages. Families discover thematically interwoven subjects in the Learning Church from preschool to adults throughout the week. WPC's preschool gives expression to the vision of WPC's mission in engaging ways which help young families take their "next step" in Christian growth and discipleship. Children, youth and adults learn continuously about what it means to be "fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ" both through Scripturally based content and training in the disciplines of community life. "Family Matters" classes and events are offered continuously. WPC's ministry with youth takes in a ten-year span from 10 to 20 years of age, but also include a ministry with these families. Top
Gift-Evoking Church
There is a "core" of members and friends at WPC who can articulate the vision, core values, their own place in the process of Christian discipleship and their "next step" in that process. "Leadership development" utilizes a strategy of aligning giftedness with areas of ministry in need of those gifts. An Office for Lay Ministry coordinates interviews, requests, and training events to under-gird WPC's ever-growing number of ministries both inside (worship, music, theater, teaching, caring, leading, hospitality, etc.) and outside the walls (community organizing, evangelism, advocacy, compassion, justice, peacemaking, cross-cultural outreach, etc.). Gift-evoking manifests itself in an increasing commitment to mission beyond the walls, both in budget and "hands-on" ministry involvement. Top

Westminster Presbyterian Church
Pastors: Rev. Dave Rohde, Rev. John Burnett

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